Nepali Jagga Napi Converter

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Nepali Land Measurement Converter

Nepali Land Measurement Converter is simple software designed to Convert Nepali based area conversion. In Kathmandu and Hilly region, the area of land is calculated on following basis i.e Ropani , Aana, Paisa, Daam unit whereas in Terai region, the area of land is calculated in Biga, Kattha and Dhur .Many people face problems while converting from Hilly system (Kathmandu) to Terai System. It is simple System where you can calculate from Hilly measuring system (Which is also known as old measuring system of Nepal) to Terai measuring system and Vice versa.


How use Nepali Land Measurement Converter?

  1. Give your value on above text box
  2. Select Measurement unit from which you want to convert
  3. Select Measurement Unit to which you want to convert
  4. Now click on Convert
  5. If your result comes in point please follow following steps if you need small units / Higher unit
  1. You want to convert 52 Ropani to Biga
  2. Answer comes like this 3.9285714285714 BIGA
  3. You can convert (0..9285714285714) into smaller units the biga that is kattha.
  4. Now again follow from step 1 to 5 for value 0.9285714285714 but now select Biga in step 2, and select Kattha in step 3.
  5. Ther answer will be 18.571428571428 kattha so 52 = 3 Biga 18.571428571428 Kattha.
  6. Now follow step c to e for 0.571428571428 but select Kattha in step 2 and Dhur in Step 3 Answer 11.429 Dhur
  7. Now Combain all Result you will get : 52 Ropani = 3 Biga 18 Kattha 11.429 Dhur